Saturday, October 14, 2006

Engaging an audience to your blog

I read in awe some of the fantastic blogs out there and am inspired by the activity that they attract. How do they get their audience? What can mere mortals like us do to make our blogs attractive? Are there rules of thumb when creating blog questions? Please enlighten us all on how you get the crowd to attend and participate. Perhaps blogs are dead and web 2.0 demands more active transmission of content - no one wants to come and visit our blogs, what can we do?


Lucy Gray said...

Hi Westley -

TIP #1 - Start reading other blogs. You can subscribe to blogs in one place using Bloglines.

Read this blog for more info:

Lucy Gray said...

Hi again Westley -

Here's a site for monitoring your blog traffic. Check it out!

Lucy Gray said...

Here's a comparison chart of different blogging software. I mostly use Typepad.

Lucy Gray said...

You want blog traffic, Westley? Read this:

Lucy Gray said...

Blogs 101

Read this too! There will be a quiz! :)

Anonymous said...

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